Friday, June 22, 2018

Bike and Sail Frisian Sea Netherlands

May 25 - June 2, 2018

We had a fabulous week out of the van on a Sail and Bike trip in the Netherlands. We did a Bike and Barge last year and had a great time. We decided to do it again this year, but change it a little by sailing in the Netherlands. We have never been sailing before and it turned out to be an excellent choice. Our boat was the Mare Fan Fryslan, a three masted schooner. The trip sailed a loop from Enkhuizen through the northern part of Lake IJsselmeer, along the Wadden See coastline and back to Enkhuizen. We visited two islands, Texel and Terschelling, and several towns on the Friesland Coast.

Our home for a week, Mare Fan Fryslan.

Enkhuizen is a very popular harbor for sailing.

Sailing across the small harbor in Enkhuizen.

First day biking from Enkhuizen to Medemblik. Most of the ride was on a bike path on top of a dike. Great views.

From Medemblik we sailed to the locks at Den Oever. Bill surfing the internet and Bear taking a well deserved nap.

We saw a lot of  schooners sailing. The lake is only about 3 meters deep, so most of the boats were similar to ours, a flat bottom boat with keels that raise or lower on each side as needed.

Arriving at Terschelling Island.

Overlooking West-Terschelling.

Buoys on the docks.

Sailing from Terschelling to Makkum on the Friesland coast.

The first mate, Rinske and one of the passengers working on the front sail. As part of the sailing, we the passengers got to participate in the whole process. Rinske gave us duties, and the next thing you knew, the sails were up and we were sailing. What fun!

Sails are up.

Fishing boat. The sea gulls are having a feast.

Another fishing boat. As you can see we did have good wind most days.

The sailboats were enjoying the wind.

Storm rolling in. We decided to stay on board instead of riding this day. A good thing because within an hour we had pounding rain.

Makkum on the Friesland coast.

Residence of Makkum. 

View along the ride from Makkum to Stavoren.

We rode through the town of Workum. View of the cathedral.

Port side houses in Stavoren.

Fish fountain in the port of Stavoren.

We we got back to Enkhuizen, the Jazz Festival weekend was going on. Lot of people, lot of music, and a lot of fun.

We had a really good Bike and Sail!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Norway - post 2

May 17 - 22, 2018

Norway has National Tourist Routes. These are beautiful drives through fantastic countryside. In addition they have amazing viewpoints and car parks.

The Atlantic Road 

The route is 36 km long along the west coast. Eight bridges connect small islands for a beautiful drive.

The islands are rugged.

The car park has a great walk with good views.

This is the highest bridge.

 Roadside views on the way to the next National Tourist Route. Even the regular highways have fabulous views. Drive from the Atlantic Road to Andalsnes.

Trollstigen National Tourist Route

 View of the pass.

 The visitors center.

 Path heading out to the viewpoint.

 Looking down at the road from the viewpoint.

Heading down the other side. Still a lot of snow at the top. The road had just opened the week before we drove through.


 View of the fjord from a car park on Highway 60.

Gaularfjellet National Tourist Route

 Rest stops along the route.

 Likholefossen car park

 Views along the route.

 Looking down on the road from Utsikten viewpoint.

 Utsikten viewpoint

 Great views. Norwegians love to have viewing platforms projecting out with nothing below for hundreds of meters. 


Steinsdalsfossen on the Fosselva River on Steinsdalsvegen (Hwy 7) near Norheimsund. Another really good car park. There is a trail you hike up and goes behind the waterfall.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Norway - post 1


May 12-17, 2018


We spent a couple of hours walking around town and enjoyed it a lot. We visited on a quiet Sunday morning in May so the town was not invaded by tourists. We have been to Lillehammer before in early August, we couldn't find a parking spot in the downtown area. This time it was much better.

 Lillehammer kirke 

 Lillehammer Art Museum

 Nordic Skier

 Yarn store window. Love the colors.

Nice outdoor seating.

We left Lillehammer heading northwest, driving on very scenic rural highways.

 Etna River along Hwy 33. The rivers were all raging and most of the farm lands were flooded. We were told that it was a very unusual spring, very warm weather causing a very fast snow melt.

  Hegge Stave Church - A wooden church from the 13th century.

Our camping spot for the night near Rogne on Sagahaugfjorden. Just out of sight the rest of the lake was still covered in ice.

Views of Jotunheimen National Park from Hwy 51.

 Driving Hwy E136 toward Andalsnes. The highway is in the very narrow Rauma River valley and is beautiful. Everything was so green.

There were waterfalls everywhere.

Norwegians love their trolls.


A port town on the west coast of Norway.

 View of Alesund from Mount Aksla. 

 Views of the harbor.

 Sculpture in the harbor.


 Wall art.

 Alesund Church

 Norwegian Constitution Day celebration in Alesund.

The crowds watching the parade. Everyone looked so nice in their traditional folk costumes.