Friday, January 26, 2018


July 15th - 20th, 2017

We love Slovenia. It is a beautiful country. The capital city, Ljubljana, is wonderful. We visited the country 10 years ago and I have to say it is still one of my favorite countries. Lake Bled was over crowded with tourists, but the rest of the country was fabulous.

View of Ljubljana.

Ljubljanica River flows through the center of the city.

Buildings along the river.

Most of the street are traffic free. It sure makes for a pretty street with no cars parked in front of the houses.

There are beautiful buildings everywhere you look.

The National Gallery

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church

Inside the church all the walls and ceiling are covered with frescoes.

Bill's favorite time of the day.

Dragon Bridge

Wall art

More wall art

Robba Fountain in front of Ljubljana Town Hall.

Mesarski Most (Butchers Bridge) is covered with love locks.

View of the central market with Triple Bridges in the distance.

Lake Bled - We spent the morning walking around the lake. There is a nice paved 6k path that follows the shoreline.

The water lilies in the lake were beautiful.

The secondary mountain roads are scenic, but very narrow. Most were one lane hanging on the edge of a cliff with very few pull outs.

Before we could hike on this trail, we had to pass inspection by these two. They looked us over very closely, but decided we were ok to pass.

Museum of Kobarid is dedicated to WW1. It is a really good museum.

Sacrario dei Caduti di Caporette - A memorial to the Italian soldiers who lost their lives in the Kobarid area during WW1.

The ceiling of the chapel at the memorial.

This little guy was along a path. I am not sure how well he could fly because he let us get very close.

White water kayaking is very popular in the Soca Valley.

Steep mountains of the Soca Valley.

Foot bridge over the Soca River.

A flock of turkeys came running down the mountainside as we hiked by. I think they were looking for dinner.

Looking toward Italy from the Slovenian boarder.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


July 7th - July 13th, 2017

July is not the best time of the year to visit Hungary. It was very hot and packed with tourists. I think we would have spent more time in Budapest it the temperature was not in the 90's. We liked Hungary. The cities are beautiful and the people are very friendly, but the heat and mosquitoes were not fun. Did you know that on you can get a forecast for mosquito activity where-ever you are?

Our first night in Hungary was near Mako. The city is a popular tourist area known for the Hagymatikum Thermal Baths.

 Mako Bus Terminal

Downspouts - These were all over town.

We went to Skanzen - a Hungarian open air museum just outside of Budapest. It has villages from eight regions in Hungary. The villages represent life in rural Hungary 100 to 200 years ago.

Main living space in a home.

Wash up area.

Cooking area.


Pantry and bread making area.

Budapest - We only spent one day in the city. It was very hot and crowded with tourists. We took a free walking tour. I have never seen so many turn out for a free walking tour. There were more than 200 people. They were prepared for it with about 6 guides, but our group still had about 35 people. Luckily we had a great guide.

Our walking tour guide with one of the many statues in Budapest.

There are lots of pedestrian friendly areas in the city.

Looking across the Danube River to Castle Hill on the Buda side of Budapest.

Matthias Church aka Church of the Blessed Virgin.

Spire of Matthias Church.

Crow with a ring in his beak - you see a lot of these around the city.

The Hungarian Parliament Building

Shoes on the Danube memorial - placed in memory of the Jews who were shot into the Danube during World War II.

Statue of Imre Nagy - Symbol of freedom for the Hungarian people.

Decoration on the side of a home.

Festetics Palace in the town of Keszthely on Lake Balation. This place was huge!

Hungarian countryside. When your not in the cities, all you see are agricultural fields.

Monday, November 13, 2017


July 2nd - July 6th, 2017

We visited the Lake Ohrid area in the southwest corner of the country. It is very close to the boarder with Greece and Albania. To get there, we had to drive through from the northern boarder with Serbia. It was a beautiful drive. 

The city of Ohrid along the shore of Lake Ohrid. The lake is huge, completely surrounded by mountains.

House built in the traditional Macedonian style of architecture.

Street view in Ohrid.

A front yard in town. Looks good, but how long does it take to water all those plants?

Path along the shore of Lake Ohrid.

Church of St. Jovan of Kaneo

St Clement Church

The area around St. Clement Church is an archaeological dig site. This mosaic was discovered at the site.

 Tsar Samuil Fortress

View of Ohrid from the fortress.

The Monastery St. Naum.

The Springs of St. Naum.

Peacocks are everywhere at the monastery.

Baby peacock

The Stone Dolls of Kuklica. This was a strange place located in the beautiful Kriva River valley.

Local legend calls these two stone pillars the bride and groom.

 Kokino Observatory - A Bronze Age archaeological site with amazing views of the countryside.

The 4 stone seats where the summer solstice sunrise can be viewed.