Friday, July 26, 2019

Malmo, Sweden

 July 13, 2019

We crossed the channel via a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. It's so easy to travel between countries in Europe compared to the challenges we encountered in Africa. When we arrived in England from the USA we cleared immigration in 5 minutes. They now have an electronic system that is very fast. All you do is stand on the footprints facing the camera and place you passport in the scanner. The gate opens and off you go. No long lines😊 It was even easier to enter France. Drive up to the booth, the officer found a blank page in our passports and stamped the entry date. We need the stamped date because of the 90 day travel time limit for US citizens.

Once we landed in France we spent our time driving instead of seeing the sights until we reached Sweden. Then we slowed our pace. Our first stop was Malmo. It is a very pleasant city. Not crowded with tourists and very pedestrian friendly.

Oresundsbron - A bridge/tunnel between Copenhaugen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden. An expensive toll, but very scenic. It is 16 km long with a bridge span, man made island, and a tunnel.

Harbor view in Malmo.

Fountain in Malmo.

There are beautiful planters everywhere.

Lots of pedestrian friendly streets.

One of the top attractions is the Turning Torso. It has commercial office space at the bottom and top and apartments in between.

Another view of the Turning Torso.

World Maritime University building.

Malmo Live - Symphony Orchestra and Concert Hall

Malmo Castle

St. Peter's Church

Inside St. Peter's Church

The original organ in St. Peter's Church.

The new organ in St. Peter's Church.

Canterbury, England

July 9, 2019

Back in Europe for our last summer traveling in the Sprinter. We ship home in October. After making sure the van made it to England in one piece from South Africa, we made a quick trip home. We arrived back in England on July 8th and hit the road. Unfortunately good wifi and data are hard to find so I have not posted to the blog until now.

Before leaving England, we made a quick stop in Canterbury. It is a very pretty city, but crowded with tourists. When we drove on to Dover we could see why Canterbury was so busy, three very large cruise ships were in port. The main attraction in Canterbury is the cathedral. We did not visit it. The entrance fee was outragous, the ticket lines long, scaffolding covered most of the exterior, and the final straw was you were not aloud to take photos. We did wander around the city for a couple of hours. It is beautiful with lots of parks and pedestrian shopping streets. We enjoyed our visit.

Partial view of Canterbury Cathedral. Only one I could find without scaffolding.

Westgate Gardens on the Great Stour.

Punting boats for rent on the Great Stour - not sure why "Great" is part of the name. The river is small and shallow, but very scenic.

The streets are lined with lots of pretty shops.

Interesting leaning book store. It is amazing how these old buildings are still standing.

This is a wonderful time of year to be in Europe. Colorful blooming planters are everywhere.