Friday, March 9, 2018

West Midlands region in England - part 2

September 14-18, 2017

Black Country Museum - An open air living museum. It represents what life in the area was like during the 1890's to 1930's.

View of the canal in the boat dock area.

The Hardware Shop

The Sweet Shop

The Tobacco Shop

Inside a home

Bill taking a math lesson at the school

Love those "polite notice" signs you see all over England. This one was in the movie theater in the museum.

View of the canal from the Canal Street Bridge

Wightwick Manor is a Victorian manor built in 1887. The manor was furnished with period decorations by Morris and Co.

View of Wightwick Manor from the back lawn

Close view of the exterior. This is a very ornate Victorian home.

Front entry to the manor

Great Parlour

Dining Room

Fireplace in the Entrance Hall

Fireplace in the Great Parlour

Fireplace in the Billiard Room


Small upstairs reading area
Stourport is a canal town on the River Severn. It has an amusement park for families, a canal basin and locks system for narrow canal boats, and a town center full of really nice shops.

Rental boats on the River Severn

Retired horses at the amusement park

I guess whatever happens on a canal boat stays on the canal boat

Rental boats in the canal basin. It looks like it could be a fun thing to do for a long weekend.

Passing through the locks

Entering the locks. Going up!

Canal basin full of narrow boats

This guy was very friendly. I think he wanted a snack.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

West Midlands region in England

September 11 - 14, 2017

We toured the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern. Morgan's are hand made with a wood frame, aluminium body, and leather interiors. The tour was excellent. The cars are fabulous.

The tour starts in a showroom with all the types of cars they currently build.

Three Wheel Morgan finishing line.

Three Wheel Morgan

The cars really are built with a wood frame.

This is how they move the car from one building to the next.

Final finishing. Looking good!
 Ledbury England is known for its old timber framed buildings. Most were built in the 17th century.

The black and white Market Building

Another old black and white building

Notice how the timber frame is not straight. Makes you wonder what it is like inside.

Church Street is known for all the old black and white buildings.

An antique for sale.

The church pews were full of these needle point cushions.

Kidderminster Railway Museum

Old railway signs in the museum
The very old market town of Bridgnorth located on the River Severn. The High Town area sits on 100 foot cliffs overlooking the river. This is another town full of black and white timber framed buildings.

Prezzo - A 17th century coaching inn

Old building along St Mary's Street

Love all the window boxes and hanging planters

More black and white buildings along St Mary's Street

Inside Church of St Mary Magdalene

Church of St Mary Magdalene

Castle ruins built around 1100. The tower leans about 15 degrees. It looks like it could fall over any moment.
Holy Austin Rock Houses were carved into a sandstone ridge. Families lived in the houses until the late 1800's. The houses are located near Stourbridge.

Front door for one of the rock houses.

Dining room in a rock house. The rooms were all painted white and were bright inside.

Kitchen area in a rock house.

All the rock houses had an elaborate chimney.