Saturday, December 22, 2018


December 14 - 15, 2018

Roma Trading Post Lodge Camp Site - We were the only campers. Great views and beautiful grounds. The whole site was booked for a wedding the following morning.
Some of the roads in Lesotho were a little rough.
The following photos are views along a good road, the A2. The road is paved, in good shape and travels through some very scenic mountains.

We were planning on spending another night but needed fuel. Diesel was not available until we got the the border town of Qacha's Nek. Camp Sites are also hard to find, so after fueling up we crossed back into South Africa. It was after dark and pouring down rain. Lightening was flashing everywhere (mostly below us because we were on a high mountain pass). On the South African side of the border the road changed to the roughest dirt road we have ever been on. It took us 2 hours to drive 20 km. What an experience!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Swartberg Pass to Karoo National Park

December 10 - 12, 2018

We drove Route 62, the South African equivalent to Route 66, from Worcester to Calitzdorp. Beautiful drive, but very hot and dry landscape. From there we drove a dirt road over Swartberg Pass to Prince Albert. The road was a little rough and a very popular dusty route. We ended the day in Karoo National Park.

Calitzdorp Station Campsite. The old railway station converted to a campsite. We had it to ourselves, so we parked up in the shade next to the patio. It was very pleasant.

Red Stone Hill area - just outside of Calitzdorp.

Heading toward Swartberg Pass Road. It crosses the mountains in the left side of the photo.

Road up Swartberg Pass.

Nearing the top of the pass.

Mountain meadows were green and blooming with wild flowers on the Calitzdorp side of the Pass.

Made it to the top of the pass.

Looking back at the valley floor.

Looking down on the Prince Albert side of the pass. It was no longer green meadows.

Lots of views of deep rocky gorges.

Great views of rocky mountains every direction.

We finally encountered a little bit of water in the stream at the bottom of the pass. 

Karoo National Park

Vachellia Karroo, a sweet thorn bush. These grow everywhere. The thorns are long and sharp.

There were three very large tortoises in the campground. The campground had signs posted to check under your vehicle before leaving for tortoises. We saw them under cars and the people trying to figure out how to get the tortoises to move so they could leave.

I think he and his buddies were the campground lawn mowers. When not resting under cars they were eating the grass.

Village Weaver Bird

View point in the Karoo NP.
Mountain Zebra

Red Hartebeest



Pair of young elands.

Why did the tortoise cross the road? And why wasn't this little guy in the campground mowing the lawn?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Cape Town

December 9, 2018

Cape Town is a beautiful city. We only visited one day. We spent the time in the waterfront area. Bill and I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA). An art museum built in the old grain silos. A very interesting building.

Grants Pass Oregon where we live has bears, Cape Town has rhinos. I like the rhinos

Alfred Basin

Tommy the Tugboat is just waiting to take you on a tour.

The waterfront is full of interesting buildings and is mostly pedestrian only. 

Perfect spot for a break.

Nobel Square - Statues of the 4 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates from South Africa - Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, F. W. de Klerk, and Nelson Mandela.

We enjoyed listening to many very good street musicians.

Zeitz MOCAA Museum - The old grain silos were transformed into a state-of-the-art museum.

They cut out grain silo walls to create a huge entry hall space. A kernel of corn was the inspiration for the shape.

Looking up to the top of the silos.

The roof top terrace - glass covers the silo tops. It is very unnerving to look down 12 stories.

Fashion display in the museum.

The Passover by Richard Mudariki

Houses for All by Anthony Bumhira

Painting by John Kotze called Marata-Iron Curtain

Painting by John Kotze called Demolition.

Bill taking a spin in the chairs outside the museum.

Table Mountain photo op - Chad, Champa, and Bill