Saturday, December 1, 2018

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

November 23 - 28, 2018

We arrived in Port Elizabeth after the worst day of flying we have every had. Everything went wrong. We had three flights from Malta to Port Elizabeth and as the day went on it got worse. The flights were late. The seats to small. But the worst was when we got our packs in Johannesburg, they were saturated with hydraulic fluid. The packs are ruined, but our clothes were ok because we pack everything in zip lock bags. We missed our flight to Port Elizabeth dealing with the airlines. We finally made it to Port Elizabeth 32 hours later.

We stayed one block from the beach. It is beautiful here. Our hotel was great. Picking up the van went smoothly. Everyone was very nice and helpful. We spent three nights in a campground in Port Elizabeth moving back into the van, shopping for supplies, and just enjoying the area.

The beach in Port Elizabeth

Our room at Onse Khaya Lodging.

Pool area at Onse Khaya Lodging.

Very friendly fish in a pond at a near by shopping area. 

Shark Rock Pier in Port Elizabeth.
There were lots of fishing boats everyday.

Weaver nest. We have seen a lot of these. They are a work of art.

Meerkats in our campsite at Pine Tree Lodge.

The beach near our campsite.

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