Sunday, May 21, 2017


El Caminito del Rey - May 16th

El Caminito del Rey is a pathway thru a narrow gorge in El Chorro. We first heard of the pathway after watching a YouTube video. The path was terrifying but the scenery was fabulous. They closed the area after several people were killed. They have since made extensive repairs and improvements. The pathway reopened 2 years ago. You must buy tickets in advance for a day and time to enter the pathway, but it was worth the planning ahead. Before entering the gate you get a safety lecture and a hard hat. After that you are on your own. This was Bill's birthday celebration, a day late but worth the wait.
Entrance to the hike.

Views of the pathway. In a lot of the photos you can see the old path.

We are having a really good time.

Looking up.

Looking down.

Looking back at the path from the trail to El Chorro. The line across the rock face with stairs climbing up on the right is the path. 

Last look at Caminito del Rey from the road.


Nerja - May 14th and 15th

Nerja is a very scenic town in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. We arrived on Sunday and discovered Nerja was having a festival on Monday celebrating workers day, like our labor day. Everything in the town was closed. All the locals dress up and party all day long. The day starts with a parade thru town with everyone eating, drinking and dancing. It was a lot of fun.

The coastline in Nerja.

One of the beaches. They were all crowded. 

Balcony of Europe - A pedestrian walkway on a bluff overlooking the Mediterranean.

Pedestrian streets in Nerja.

The parade celebrating workers day.


Gibraltar - May 13th

A day in Gibraltar was a relaxing change from Morocco. We loved our time in Morocco, but someone was always trying to sell you something. That wears you out day in and day out. 

Gibraltar is a British territory, so to get there you must pass thru immigration. You hold up your passport and they wave you thru, the same thing happens returning to Spain. I am not sure why the boarder is maned. 

We arrived late in the day from Morocco, so we parked in a marina next to the boarder between Spain and Gibraltar. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

The opposite view from our camping spot was the Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar from the top of the Rock.

The Mediterranean side of the Rock of Gibraltar.

There are Barbary Macaques monkeys all over the Rock. They call them "apes". They are not afraid of people. There are warning signs to hang on to your belongings. We saw them stealing stuff and jumping onto people. They also liked to get closer to people posing next to them and grab an arm, leg, shoulder, or whatever was closest to them.

 A view of Gibraltar from the top. Spain is in the distance.

Very neat and tidy streets in Gibraltar.

Artwork hanging outside a gallery.

Dinner. We wanted a small dinner so we ordered the sharing plate. It was not what we expected. It was a huge platter full of delicious meats, seafood, cheeses, olives, and pickled vegetables. So good!

Just inside the boarder of Gibraltar is an airport. In order to get into town you must walk across the runway. They do have crossing lights to let you know no aircraft is expected at the moment.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Asilah - Our last day in Morocco - May 11th

Asilah was a very pleasant city to spend our last day. We walked around the medina in the morning. It was very pleasant. The shops were closed and practically no people. We came back in the evening and the place was packed, the shops were open. 

 View of the medina in Asilah.

 Can't get enough of the doors in Morocco. They are great!

 The medina had wonderful art on the walls of the buildings. It was everywhere.

The port.

Street lights of every design are in all the cities. These are along the port in Asilah.
We stayed two nights in Asilah. The second night this huge overland tour vehicle parked up next to us. Thank goodness the tour group was not that large. The people sleep in pop up tents on the roof. They only used half of the tents. The group could have been twice the size.

When we arrived in Morocco our GPS stopped working. Our final solution was downloading the app on the tablet and the maps for Morocco. It worked great with the added bonus it works offline. Bill had to adapt our GPS holder with cardboard and duct tape to hold the tablet. We might continue to use it in Spain, I have downloaded all the maps.