Friday, May 12, 2017


Sights around Morocco - April 27th thru May 8th

This post is just some random sights around Morocco. So far my posts have been on specific places we visited, but there is a lot more to see. These photos represent the everyday sights we have enjoyed.

 One of the things I wanted to see was the goats in trees. I had no idea where they were, but we saw them. A large herd of goats in the argan trees, munching away.

 You see people along the roads everywhere. You think you are in the middle of nowhere and people are walking or standing beside the road. Usually when you get further down the road it's market day in the next village.

Overloaded vehicles are the norm. It is amazing that they can get that much stuff on one vehicle.

The medina in Essaouira. This was the most laid back market that we visited. The merchants did not constantly try to sell us their stuff.

 View of the medina in Essaouira from the port.

Typical highway thru the mountains.

 A kasbah in Skoura.

The mosque in Agdz.

Storks in a tower. They are everywhere.

Colorful buildings - This one is the reception building for a campground we stayed in.

Taghazoute, a Moroccan surf town.

 Fishing boats - They all look the same.

 Drinking Moroccan mint tea while watching the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean.

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