Sunday, May 14, 2017


Asilah - Our last day in Morocco - May 11th

Asilah was a very pleasant city to spend our last day. We walked around the medina in the morning. It was very pleasant. The shops were closed and practically no people. We came back in the evening and the place was packed, the shops were open. 

 View of the medina in Asilah.

 Can't get enough of the doors in Morocco. They are great!

 The medina had wonderful art on the walls of the buildings. It was everywhere.

The port.

Street lights of every design are in all the cities. These are along the port in Asilah.
We stayed two nights in Asilah. The second night this huge overland tour vehicle parked up next to us. Thank goodness the tour group was not that large. The people sleep in pop up tents on the roof. They only used half of the tents. The group could have been twice the size.

When we arrived in Morocco our GPS stopped working. Our final solution was downloading the app on the tablet and the maps for Morocco. It worked great with the added bonus it works offline. Bill had to adapt our GPS holder with cardboard and duct tape to hold the tablet. We might continue to use it in Spain, I have downloaded all the maps.

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