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Gorges du Todra and Gorges du Dades - April 26th and 27th

We were going to visit both gorges by the usual route, drive up and back in one gorge, drive to the next and do the same. We ended up doing a circular route driving north thru Gorges du Todra and then coming south thru Gorges du Dades. The road south was an experience. It turned out to be a narrow dirt track climbing high into the mountains and back down into the Dades River valley. It is a good thing we have larger tires because we definitely needed the clearance. There was a lot of questioning our choice, but the large Moroccan truck with a load of donkeys ahead of us gave us confidence that we could make it. The drive turned out to be the most scenic we have been on. I am really glad we did it.

Looking down on Tinerhir from the road to Gorges du Todra.

Driving thru Gorges du Todra.

Looking back at the narrow gorge we drove thru.

 Continuing up the Todra Gorge.
 The road opens up to a large flat valley.

Eventually we climb higher into the Atlas Mountains.

 When we got to the small town of Agoudal we turned off the nice paved road to a narrow, rough dirt track. The dirt track continued to climb higher and higher into the mountains.

 Views of the mountains as we climbed.

 Finally we reached a pass.

 Looking down toward Dades River valley.
 Heading down the mountains. There were great views and really tight hairpin turns.

 The road we were on was better suited for an overland vehicle, but why let that stop us. We may not have 4 wheel drive, but we do have good ground clearance.

We drove thru small villages surrounded by lush green fields of vegetables.

 We found a small campground for the night. It lacked facilities, but the owner was nice and the views could not be beat.

Continuing down the Dades River Valley.

Thru more small villages.

 Crossing the river numerous times.

Passing by lots of very deep and narrow canyons.

 The classic view of the road in Gorges du Dades.
Rock formations along the road.

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