Sunday, May 21, 2017


Gibraltar - May 13th

A day in Gibraltar was a relaxing change from Morocco. We loved our time in Morocco, but someone was always trying to sell you something. That wears you out day in and day out. 

Gibraltar is a British territory, so to get there you must pass thru immigration. You hold up your passport and they wave you thru, the same thing happens returning to Spain. I am not sure why the boarder is maned. 

We arrived late in the day from Morocco, so we parked in a marina next to the boarder between Spain and Gibraltar. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

The opposite view from our camping spot was the Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar from the top of the Rock.

The Mediterranean side of the Rock of Gibraltar.

There are Barbary Macaques monkeys all over the Rock. They call them "apes". They are not afraid of people. There are warning signs to hang on to your belongings. We saw them stealing stuff and jumping onto people. They also liked to get closer to people posing next to them and grab an arm, leg, shoulder, or whatever was closest to them.

 A view of Gibraltar from the top. Spain is in the distance.

Very neat and tidy streets in Gibraltar.

Artwork hanging outside a gallery.

Dinner. We wanted a small dinner so we ordered the sharing plate. It was not what we expected. It was a huge platter full of delicious meats, seafood, cheeses, olives, and pickled vegetables. So good!

Just inside the boarder of Gibraltar is an airport. In order to get into town you must walk across the runway. They do have crossing lights to let you know no aircraft is expected at the moment.

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