Thursday, October 20, 2016


Cheddar Gorge, Wells, and Glastonbury, England

Adventure Overland Show

We went to the Adventure Overland Show and parked up with our friends from the Silk Route Network. The show had lots of interesting vehicles and some really good talks on overlanding trips.

Our friends from the Silk Route Network.

The Sprinter trying to blend in with the big Overland vehicles.

I think this was the biggest truck there. I really don't know why you would need it.

And I thought living in the Sprinter for 6 months was tight. This bug went from the UK to Singapore.

Evesham, England -

 Near Stratford-upon-Avon where the Adventure Overland show was held.

A church in Evesham

Church tower in Evesham

A very old interesting building in Evesham

Another interesting building in Evesham

 Cheddar Gorge - 

We hiked a loop route from the town of Cheddar, through the gorge, along the cliff top of the gorge, and back down into town. The gorge is England's deepest natural canyon. The views were great!

Looking into the gorge from the cliff top.

Cliff views of Cheddar Gorge

Gorge visitors center

Wells, England - 

We visited the cathedral and Bishop's Palace

Wells Cathedral

Hallway in the cathedral

Scissor Arches built in the 1300's to hold up the church tower.

The Wells Clock installed in 1390. Every 15 minutes jousting knights go around above the clock face.

The cathedral organ - someone was playing the organ while we were there.

Worn stairs to the Charter House built in the 1300's.

Ceiling in the Quire - the oldest part of the cathedral.

Playing croquet on the lawn of Bishop's Palace.

Part of the Great Wall in the palace gardens.

Part of the Great Wall in the gardens.

Glastonbury - 

The capital of alternative culture, a lot like Shasta City in Northern California.

Glastonbury Town Hall

Wall art in Glastonbury

View of the town from Glastonbury Tor.

Chapel of St Michael on Glastonbury Tor.

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