Thursday, April 26, 2018

Germany - Post 1

April 10 -14, 2018


- along the Moselle River. We visited here last year on our Bike and Barge trip.

City center at dusk.

Electoral Palace, now government offices.

Decorations on the Electoral Palace.

Fountain in the pedestrian only shopping district.

 Store window displays.


 - along the Moselle River. Another town we past thru on our Bike and Barge trip last year.

View of Moselle River and Beilstein from Metternich Castle ruins.

Streets in Beilstein

Inside the Church of San Cristobal

View thru the wall at Metternich Castle ruins.


 -along the Rhine River.

View of Bacharach and the Rhine River.

The town is surrounded by a wall. This gate is the one we past thru to enter the town. There was plenty of height, but it was tight width wise.

Another town full of interesting old crooked buildings.

Werner Chapel ruins

Path thru town


 - a spa town in the Black Forest area

City planter full of spring flowers.

Baden-Baden tourist information center

Cathedral spires in the center of the city.

Formal garden along the Lichtentaler Allee

Statue in the gardens

Beautiful flowering trees were everywhere.

Inside the Museum Frieder Burda. The building was more interesting then the art.

A painting in the Museum Frieder Burda.

Very strange art display in the Lichtentaler Allee.

Horses drinking from a city fountain. After drinking his fill, one of the horses stuck his head deep into the water and blew bubbles thru his nose. He kept it up for quite a while, having a really good time.

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