Friday, March 15, 2019

Etosha National Park, Namibia

March 7 - 9, 2019

We saw lots of animals in Etosha NP. Most sightings were at one of the numerous waterholes in the park. At the rest camps they have waterholes that are lighted at night. It is a great experience to watch the animals come in for a drink after dark. They have seating areas fairly close to the water with signs to please be silent. Everyone silently sits watching the animals. At Halali Rest Camp we saw black rhinos, hyenas, jackals, and elephants.

A large part of the park is the Etosha Pan - a very large salt pan.

Banded mongoose in our campsite at Namutomi Rest Camp.

Lion near Chudob waterhole.

Pair of giraffe at Chudob waterhole.

Giraffe have to work at getting a drink of water.

Plains zebra at Chudob waterhole.

Greater kudu and a black-faced impala

Zebra at Kalkheuel waterhole - there were hundreds of them.

More zebra at the waterhole. You should have heard all the noise they were making.

In come the elephants and the zebra scatter.

Elephants and zebra sharing the waterhole.

Greater kudu just trying to blend in with the zebra.

There were zebra every where in Etosha. It was hard to drive down the road at times. They are not in any rush to get out of your way.
Black-faced impala at Goas waterhole.

Giraffe at Goas waterhole.

South African oryx

I think this wildebeest had an encounter with a can of white paint.

Kori bustard - largest native flying bird in Africa.

Ostrich crossing the road.

Sunset at the Namutomi Rest Camp waterhole.

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