Thursday, April 14, 2016

Maryland and Washington DC


We spent one day walking around downtown Baltimore and visited the Baltimore Museum of Art. The weather was really cold. Even had short snow showers a couple of times. I think it would be a nice city to spend more time if the weather was warmer. We rode the bus everywhere. The people were very friendly and helpful. We used Google Maps to navigate the bus system. If you have ever used it for that then you know how helpful it is. It tells where the bus stop is, which bus to catch, where to transfer, and you can track where you are just like driving in the car. How simple is that? How did we survive before smart phones?

Downtown Baltimore

Inner Harbor

The Thinker

Art Quilt at Baltimore Museum of Art. Picture doesn't show it, but I really liked the quilting.

Washington DC

 We traveled to Washington DC on the MARC train. Only took about an hour to Union Station where there is a red line Metro Station. Our Airbnb is close to the Medical Center stop on the red line. It could not have been easier. It sure is nice to have good public transportation when you are without wheels. All of Washington DC is easy to get around. The Metro goes everywhere. Walking is good also, but there is a lot of it. So far we have visited several memorials, the American History Museum, and the American Indian Museum. Does anyone have any favorites you would like to suggest?

The Jefferson Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

FDR Memorial

American History Museum - Archie and Eidth Bunker set. Do you remember All In The Family?

American Indian Museum

The White House - It is hard to get a good photo with all the security measures.

There was a lot of commotion down the block from where we were looking at the White House so we decided to check it out. Luck was with us, they were filming an episode of NCIS and guess who was in the scene, Mark Harmon. I love that show.

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