Saturday, April 16, 2016

Washington DC

More of Washington DC

We spent a day at the National Zoo. The zoo is nice, but it is not Woodland Park Zoo. Every time we visit a zoo, I measure it against Woodland Park and it almost never measures up. 

There were some good points about this zoo. The pandas - this is Mei Xiang having lunch.

The seal lions were fun to watch. This one kept playing with all the kids in the viewing area.

Bill felt sorry for this eagle and lent him his cap. The sun was bright and it looked like he was getting a sun burn.

Lunch time. Our favorite place to eat - food trucks. There are a lot of them in DC. Everyone we have tried is good.

We visited the National Building Museum. This is where they have one of the Inaugural Balls when the president takes office. The space is huge and very grand. We took the historic building tour. Our guide was wonderful. It was very interesting and we learned a lot.

The Capital Building under renovation.

The orchids in the United States Botanical Gardens were fabulous.

We wanted to see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial with the lights on so we spent Friday night wandering around after dark. It was great. A beautiful evening with tons of other people doing the same thing. We had a good time.

Selfie of Patti and Bill looking at the Washington Monument.

The sun setting, the wind blowing, and the moon making an appearance.

The Lincoln Memorial - this is such a wonderful memorial.

While we were there, a school choir group sang. It was very emotional when the sang The Star Spangled Banner.

What a great view!

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