Friday, July 22, 2016


Finland - Driving north toward Norway

Finland is pretty much flat. Driving thru the countryside you see lots of rivers, lakes, and trees, just like the Yukon in Canada. The area above the Arctic Circle is not remote like Canada or Alaska. There are large cities, paved roads, and farms everywhere. It was strange to see large busy cities, cows grazing, and tractors mowing the fields. With 24 hour sunlight for 2 months, crops grow really fast.

Driving thru the countryside. Birch trees and wild flowers are everywhere.

We did a long walk around Rovaniemi. The city is surrounded by rivers and lakes so there were lots of bridges and water views.

Lumberjack's Candle Bridge

A garden along the path next to Kirkkolampi Pond.

A public rug washing station. Cleaning your rugs is a very popular thing to do after a long winter.

Milepost in Lordi's Square - Shows the distance to the Polar Circle is 8 km.

 Another Park4Night free camping spot at a trail head.

Picnic shelters and cooking fire pit at the trail head. We saw these a lot.

 A boardwalk path out to a bird observation tower next to a lake.The ground is very wet. 

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