Monday, July 18, 2016

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg, Russia

We were hampered by the weather while in St. Peteresburg. It unfortunately rained a lot of the time. We met our friend JoAn in Helsinki and the three of us took a ferry cruise to St. Petersburg. We arrived the next morning after cruising all night. We checked into our hotel which was right in the middle of everything. We really lucked out with our choice. The first thing we did was walk around taking in all the sights. We were lucky, the rain had not started yet. By dinner it was pouring and it rained for pretty much the rest of the trip. The first night, which was really the next morning, we took the night canal tour that started at 1:00 AM to watch the bridges open. The bridges open every night to let ships pass through the city. In spite of the rain, it was beautiful. The next day we visited the Hermitage. The museum is huge and packed with tourists. We got lost just trying to find an exit. The last day we took in more sights then headed for the overnight ferry back to Helsinki. The rain slowed us down, but we still had a wonderful time.

The ferry to St. Petersburg

Arriving in St. Petersburg

The Canal Boat Trip - Tour boats were everywhere. They all race to each bridge as it opens so the passengers can watch.

Views around St Petersburg after the canal boat tour. It was about 3:00  AM. Normally it would be light out, but the rain gave us dark skies. The lights of the city were so much better.

The Hermitage

Palace Square

A canal view

Russian Doll planter.

Palace square in the daylight and pouring down rain.

The Hermitage in daylight and pouring down rain.

They had a fabulous fashion display in the museum.

There was a huge room of armour.

Winter Palace rooms in the Hermitage were amazing.

Cold beet root soup. I have tried it several times. Every time it has been a little different, but all very good.

Kazan Cathedral

Inside Kazan Cathedral

Church on Spilled Blood

 Canal Views

Buildings along a canal

Sidewalk cafe

My souvenir from Russia, a badly needed haircut. A new style that I like a lot. Hope I can get it duplicated.

We are in Norway, above the Arctic Circle now. I still have Finland to post to the blog. It has become hard to find internet so I am behind on posting. Just wanted to say that Norway is BEAUTIFUL!!! Everyone needs to add it to their must see list.


  1. Fantastic to meet you guys today. I hope you don't mind, but I have added a link to your blog on our site. Have a great adventure and hope to bump into you again soon.

  2. Thank you I had such a great time!


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