Friday, September 2, 2016



We arrived in Denmark via the ferry from Larvik, Norway to Hirtshals, Denmark. As with all our ferry rides it was a smooth crossing. We have been very lucky.

 Denmark is pretty much flat with no dramatic vistas like Norway has. It is a very neat and tidy country. In spite of being flat, it is a beautiful place. 

The first place we visited was Skagen. It is the northern most point in Denmark. From there we went to Sondervig to see the International Sand Scculpture Festival. The theme was an African safari. Next we visited Odense. It was the first day of the flower show. The theme was the circus. They had clown flower gardens everywhere. The last place we visited was Egeskov Slot. It is a castle surrounded by a water filled moat with large gardens and lots of museums. We spent the whole day and enjoyed everything.

Looking back toward Skagen from the beach.

Grenen the northern most point of Denmark where Kattegat and the North Sea meet. As you can see a very popular tourist spot.

 Our camping spot, Slettestrand, Denmark. There is not a harbor for the fishing boats so they have a huge winch and pull them up on the sandy beach.

Next morning the boats were gone for about three hours. After they were pulled up on the beach, we watched them pulling fish and crabs from the nets. It was a very time consuming process.

Views of the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Sondervig. The wall was 200 meters long and 7 meters tall.

Odense, Denmark Flower Festival with a circus theme.

Clowns were everywhere.

A sheep made of roses.

The castle at Egeskov. The moat goes right up to the exterior walls. The castle was built on oak poles.

One of the path ways in the gardens. 

The kitchen garden.

Flowers in the kitchen garden.

Tree top walking - This walk way went from tree to tree to tree to tree to tree with spiral staircases at each end. Pretty neat.

Carriage Museum and the scent garden. You see a lot of thatched roofs in Denmark.

The Motorcycle Museum. Interesting way to display them, suspended from the ceiling. They were at eye level and you could walk all around them.

Inside the Castle

The kitchen

Armour displayed in the Music Room.

Lion hanging in the Hunting Room.

Deer heads and hunting weapons in the Deer Hallway.

Bill on stilts.

I guess this is what they do with old bikes, paint them one color and park them on the city streets.  We saw these everywhere in Scandinavia. This one had added flower baskets. Nice touch!

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