Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Backpack in Hardangervidda National Park and Gaustatoppen, Norway

We were planning on doing some hut to hut hiking in Norway, but only accomplished one overnight. Time got away from us and the weather was not co-operative. Our one overnight was in Hardangervidda National Park. We hiked to a mountain hut called Hein. The trail was difficult, but the scenery was beautiful. Next we went to Rjukan, Norway and took Gaustabannen (a funicular inside the mountain) to Gaustatoppen. The views were amazing. They say you can see 1/6 of Norway on a sunny day and our weather was excellent.
View on our overnight hike in Hardangervidda National Park.

The trail was rocky. If it wasn't rocky, we were hopping from rock to rock crossing water or mud, both were everywhere. If water, mud, and rocks were missing, then the brush was attacking us. Thru it all, the bugs were everywhere. At least they didn't bite. Everyone we met on the trail (they were all Norwegian) said this was an excellent trail. I wonder what is a bad trail?

Hein Mountain Hut in the distance. A welcome sight.

A bridge to the hut. Why didn't we have more of these?

Hein Mountain Hut - It is a private hut. They call themselves a B&B. We had a full 3 course dinner and a full Norwegian breakfast buffet with a warm clean room. Not what you expect in the middle of no where. We enjoyed our stay.

End of the day view.

Rjukan, Norway town square. Rjukan is in the valley below Gaustatoppen.

Looking down on Rjukan from the road up to the high country.


The map of the tram and funicular inside of Gaustatoppen.

The tram tunnel goes 860 meters inside the mountain.

The funicular climbs 1040 meters at a 40 degree angle. Water was rushing down the tracks. It was creepy.

The funicular was bult to have year round access to a radio tower.

Gaustahytte - A mountain hut cafe.

View looking south west from the top of the mountain.

View looking south from the top.

View looking east from the top. Rjukan is in the valley in the left of the photo.

 Sherpas from Nepal built stairs from the top of the funicular to the base of the radio tower. They were still building while we were there.

View of Gaustatoppen.

Roadside view of the Norwegian high country.

That is all of Norway! Next post will be Denmark. 

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