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Norway - Lofoten Islands

Norway is beautiful but WiFi is difficult. Usually when we pay for a campground I would use the WiFi, but in Norway the campground WiFi hasn't been working. Therefore I am behind on my blog. In Eastern Europe, where I thought there would be all kinds of problems, WiFi was excellent and I could use the hot spot on my phone. Not in Norway. I don't understand why Norway has such poor WiFi. It has been very frustrating. I am not sure when I will be caught up. Right now the blog is about 3 weeks behind.

We arrived in the Lofoten Islands area on July 22nd and stayed for 5 days. Our weather was a mix of rain, fog, and warm sunny days. The Lofoten's are still well above the Arctic Circle so we had 24 hours of daylight. You constantly lose track of time when the sun never sets. The islands are extremely scenic, but have narrow roads with lots of wide camper vans everywhere. There are lots of bridges, tunnels and roads right on the waters edge (cliff edge with the water far blow). Yikes!!!

Vesteralen Islands, just north of Lofoten Islands

 Bridge from the mainland to Hinnoya
Views along the road on Hinnoya. The wild flowers were blooming everywhere. With 24 hours of sunlight everything grows in abundance.

Bridge from Hinnoya to Langoya. All the bridges are built like this. They are high enough that fishing boats, sail boats, and small ships can pass under them. Most are very steep and have wonderful views from the top, but no place to stop as they are only 2 lanes at best.

Melbu harbor on Hadseloya Island. We took the ferry from Melbu to Austvagoy Island in the Lofotens.

Lofoten Islands

View of a fjord on the road to Svolvaer.

Svolvaer on Austvagoy Island

Svolvaer has many small islands as part of the village. They are all connected by high bridges.

Cottages for rent in Svolvaer.

The village of Kabelvag on Austvagoy Island.

More views of Kabelvag. 

Fish drying racks. These racks are everywhere. At the right time of the year they would be covered in fish. Thank goodness we missed that. Where we did see fish on the racks, there was a strong fish smell in the air. Notice the fog pouring in around the mountains in the background. We saw this almost every afternoon. Sometimes it would stay in the distance and other times we would be in thick fog.

Henningsvaer is a fishing village/tourist town on a group of small islands connected by one lane road and brides to the island of Austvagoy. The road out to and the village itself are beautiful, but very popular with the tourists.


Lofotr Viking Museum - This is a recontruction of the chieftain's house.
 Inside the chieftain's house.

Viking boats.

Our campground in Ballstad, Vestvagoy Island. We parked on the rock pier. Great harbor view.

View along the highway to A.

More views along the highway to A. You can see how the highway hugs the coastline.

One of the many scenic fishing villages you pass through.

View of small boats on a lake as you enter into A. The village is at the end of the road in the Lofotens.

 Views of the village of A.

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  1. Wow some brilliant photos guys.
    We had mixed weather too but come rain or shine we loved the islands.
    Hope you guys are keeping well and still smiling x
    Joanne x x x


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