Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Norway - Senja Island

We are loving the wild and rugged Norway coastline. Senja Island is beautiful. It has small fishing villages, steep mountains, lots of tunnels through the mountains, and miles of winding roads hugging the coastline. The views are amazing.

 Our camping spot on the way to Senja Island. It was free with a perfect view and no one else around.
N69.82042 E021.128621
 Road side views traveling south to Senja Island.
 This was a scary tunnel. The car in front of us would not drive into it, they had Norway plates on their car. It was only wide enough for one vehicle, very steep sloping down and long. We decided to go for it when another car came by and drove on in. 
We exited the tunnel in the town of Fjordgard. Our camp spot for the night, a trail head overlooking the town and the fjord. The next morning we hiked up the trail to a small lake.
 View of Fjordgard from the town park. We have seen these painted tires everywhere. I guess this is how they recycle old tires. 

 Views along the roads of Senja Island.

 Looking across the water to Medfjordvaer.
 Views of the mountains. They are very dramatic.

Looking down on a fjord.
An inland lake and the mountain above it.

 The tide was coming in and the current under the bridge was strong. It was weird, it looked like a river that was flowing backwards. 
 We stopped to visit with some trolls. They are everywhere in Norway.
 This house was amazing. The garden grew around and over the house.
 This resort was in the most scenic location.
  Another fabulous free camp spot right on the water. We watched fish jumping out of the water in feeding frenzies all night long.
 Road side views of the on the way to Gryllefjord.

 The harbor in Gryllefjord. 
You see a lot of these red fishing cottages in Norway.

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