Monday, August 22, 2016

Norway and Sweden

Bodo, Norway, the Wilderness Road, Sweden, and Trondheim, Norway

We traveled from the Lofoten Islands to the mainland via a ferry. We left on a warm sunny morning to arrive on a cold, windy, and rainy afternoon. We found a camp spot at a popular trail head in Bodo and went for a hike. It rained lightly for most of the hike and then it poured for the last half on the way down. It still was a good hike. From Bodo we traveled to Sweden. We wanted to be able to say we were above the Arctic Circle in three countries, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Our plan was to zigzag south between Norway and Sweden, but the Wilderness Road turned out to be our only visit into Sweden. After Norway we were not impressed. Sweden is beautiful but Norway is dramatic. Sorry Sweden, maybe next year. From Sweden we drove to Trondheim, another beautiful coastal city in Norway.

Bodo, Norway from the top of Keiservarden

Keiservarden trail. Parts of it were rebuilt this year by Sherpas from Nepal. It's a beautiful trail with fabulous views.

View from the top of Keiservarden on a cold, rainy afternoon.

For weeks in Norway and Finland we have seen signs to watch for moose and never seen one, just thousands of signs. Then we get to Sweden and within a couple of hours we see 3 moose. I was able to get a photo of these 2 youngsters.

This reindeer visited us at our campspot for the night.

Our first night below the Arctic Circle in 3 weeks. The sun actually set so we had a few hours of darkness.

Trappstegsforsen - a water fall along the Wilderness Road.

Morning view from our campsite. The lakes in Sweden were huge. This one went on for miles and miles. The fishing must have been good because people came in with  lots of big fish.

Fire weed was in bloom everywhere.

Trondheim, Norway

Old warehouses on the Nidelva River.

New hotel and marina along the Nidelva River in Trondheim.

Nidaros Cathedral - the worlds northernmost Gothic cathedral or so the tourist info states. I believe it. We have not seen anything like this in Scandinavia.

Small part of the front of Nidaros Cathedral.

We visited Sverresborg Trondelag Folkemuseum, an outdoor museum with 18th century buildings.

This is one of the Roros Buildings, meaning it was originally from the Roros area dismantled and rebuilt at the museum site.
  The Lo Church from 1615.

Farm house from the 18th century.

Inside the farm house.

The  museum has what they call guides in certain areas of the museum. In the farm area this lady lived in the house during the day as if she was in the 18th century. She explained how they lived there, 5 to 8 people sleeping in one bed sitting up. She also had made fresh jam that morning and served us flat bread and jam. It was really good. The last thing she did was play the old organ and sing. We were the only ones around so she spent a lot of time explaining things. We lucked out.

The country side south of Trondheim.


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