Friday, August 26, 2016


Trollstigen, Route 63, Norway

Trollstigen or Troll's Ladder is a spectacular National Tourist Route. The climb from Andalsnes to the top has 11 hairpin turns on a very narrow and steep road. From there the road travels across a high mountainous area to drop steeply back to sea level at Valldal. At Linge you cross Norddalsfjorden on a ferry to Eidsal.  You again climb high up in the mountains to drop down to sea level on an even steeper and narrower section of the road called Ornevegen or the Eagle Road. From Geiranger on Geirangerfjorden you once again climb steeply into the mountains with fabulous views in every direction. This was the most scenic drive we have done in Norway.

The very scenic Romsdalen (E136), the road from Dombas to Andalsnes, Norway.

Trollveggen or Troll Wall - The highest vertical mountain wall in Europe

Norsk Tindesenter - the mountaineering museum in Andalsnes, Norway.

Looking up at Bispen, Kongen and Dronninga mountains from the valley floor just outside of Andalsnes.

Kongen and Dronninga mountains.

Looking up at Trollstigen.

Looking down on Trollstigen.

The visitor's center at the top of Trollstigen.

 Viewing platforms that jut out over the abyss. The views are breath taking.

These guys are everywhere.
 Views along Road 63 at the top of Trollstigen.

 Valldal, Norway on Norddalsfjorden.

Another view of Norddalsfjorden.

 The ferry crossing from Linge to Eidsdal.

View of a lake above Eidsdal.

Geirangerfjorden looking back at Ornevegen or Eagles Road.

Looking down on Geirangerfjorden.

 View of the mountains and our road from a pass we hiked to. The view was amazing.

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