Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hiking in Northern England

Wet Sleddale

Wet Sleddale is a reservor near Shap, Cumbria, England. Our park4night spot was a trailhead parking area next to the lake. 

We went for a walk in the morning. The trail wonders through pastures surrounded with stone fences.

An old stone bridge crossing a stream.

A rare sight in England - a barb wire fence.

Shap Abby - near Shap, Cumbria, England

View of Shap Abby. When we hiked the Coast to Coast trail in 1995 we walked through here.

The abby was built in the 1200's. Now they are working on preserving what remains.

More of Shap Abby.

The road to Shap Abby. This is a typical road country road in England, just wide enough for the Sprinter to drive down. This was one of the best ones we drove down, you could see vehicles heading toward you. Most of the roads have high hedges or trees blocking your view ahead.

Sheep at the local farm auction.

Keld to Tan Hill on the Pennine Way, Yorkshire, England

Keld, England

The village greeters. The brown chicken was especially friendly, she just wanted to be petted. I have never seen a chicken so friendly.

More village inhabitants. These guys were curious but very timid.

The trail followed the river for about a mile.

We started the day hoping the sun would come out, but this was all we got.

Heading into the clouds. The rest of the day it poured down rain.

Vindolanda - an ancient Roman Fort

View of Vindolanda. The fort is only partially excavated. Each year they do a little more.

More of Vindolanda.

More of the buildings that have been excavated at Vindolanda. There is a wonderful museun on site that displays some of the items they have found.

Hadrian's Wall - 

It was built by the Romans in AD122 and is 73 miles long. We hiked along the wall from Cawfield Quarry to Once Brewed and back. The wall is amazing.

View of the wall looking toward Cawfield Quarry.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall - It goes on and on.

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