Friday, April 21, 2017


London and Bath, England April 1st through the 9th

On April 1st we arrived at Chad and Champa's where the Sprinter spent the winter. We stayed for a week preparing the van for our travels this year. Everything was in good shape except the house batteries were completely dead. We don't know why, but they are charged up now and working good. Before leaving England we spent a few days in Bath to make sure everything was working good and to get us back to the routine of living on the road.

While in London, we went to see Beautiful, The Carol King Musical. We really enjoyed it.
 Chad and Champa came to the theater with us.

 The opening scene from the musical.

While at Chad and Champa's, we visited a local nursery. The flowers were wonderful. I miss having a garden.

We visited the RAF Museum while the Sprinter was being serviced.
 WWII planes at the museum.

To make sure everything was working in the Sprinter we went to Bath for 3 nights. We stayed in a caravan park we found on Park4Night. Park4Night has been the best travel tip we have received. We use it almost every night.

The caravan park located just outside of Bath on the River Avon was also a marina. I love the river boats.
 We took an evening walk along the river toward Bath.

 Store window in Bath.

 River Avon and the Pulteney Bridge.
 The Royal Crescent. The building is amazing. It was built in 1767-75.

 Bath Abbey

 Angel on stone ladder on the face of Bath Abbey.
Stonehenge drive by. We have never visited Stonehenge because of the hordes of tourists that are there, but driving by it on the motorway was a good way to catch a quick view.

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