Saturday, April 22, 2017

France and Spain

Quick drive thru France and Spain - April 11th - 15th

We left England via the ferry from Dover to Calais France. France has great motorways but a lot of expensive tolls. The roads in Spain were excellent with less expensive tolls. Both were very scenic.

Aire (rest area) in France. This was a good lunch stop.

Our stop for the night in France. It was in a quaint little town not far from the motorway.

This camper van parking area was in Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine.

After dinner we took an evening stroll thru town.

The visitor center for Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. You'll notice we had a full moon.

The French countryside was beautiful.

Our 1st night of 3 in Spain was at a free aire in Miranda de Ebro.

Again we took an evening walk thru town. We were parked along side the Ebro River.

We strolled thru the old town square.

One of the side streets in the old part of town.

Art work in the center of a roundabout in the new part of town.

View of Granada from our campground on the 2nd night in Spain.
 Traffic safety signs in Spain.

View along the motorway. A lot of our route was thru the mountains. There were lots of viaducts and tunnels. It was dramatic.

We finally arrived at the southern coast of Spain.

Our 3rd night was in a parking lot in Algeciras where we caught the ferry for Morocco. Gibraltar is in the distance.
On the ferry to Morocco. Good bye Europe hello Africa for about 4 weeks.

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