Thursday, June 15, 2017


Sevilla, Spain - May 22nd

We went on a free history walking tour in Sevilla. The tour was great, the temperature was not. Lucky for us our guide always stopped in the shade to explain what we were looking at. We have found that free tours are excellent, usually the guide is a local university student. For this tour we had a college history professor.

View across the Guadalquivir River toward the center of Sevilla.

Giralda Bell Tower - part of Sevilla's cathedral

One of the entrances to the cathedral.

View of the cathedral.

 Buildings in Sevilla.

Plaza Nueva

It was so hot even the horse carriages parked in the shade.

 Streets in the Jewish Quarter.

Small courtyard in the Jewish Quarter.

Love the bougainvillea.

Fountain in Sevilla.

View of a narrow street.

Dinner in the scenic little Plaza de Dona Elvira.

View of the cathedral from Patio de Banderas.

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