Thursday, June 15, 2017


The Algarve Portugal - the south coast  May 24th - 27th

The southern coast of Portugal is packed with beach resort towns. The water is a beautiful turquoise blue. The coast ranges from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs. Everything on the land is green or white painted buildings. As usual we tried to visit the less populated areas. They still exist, but are disappearing fast.

Main square in Tavira, Portugal.

Carousel in the park along the Rio Gilas. Carousel's are very popular. We have seen them everywhere in Portugal.

Hotel courtyard in Tavira. This was unusual because it was painted gold not white. A real eye catcher.

One of the narrow street in Tavira.

Our free spot for the night at Cape Sagres on the western tip of Portugal.

Sunset looking toward Cape St. Vincent, also on the western tip of Portugal.

View of the coastline at Cape Sagres.

Sagres Fort and Navigator School

In the 18th century a fort was built at Cape Sagres.

In 1420 Prince Henry the Navigator built a school to teach navigation. This is the chapel they prayed in before setting out.

The fishing port of Sagres.

The beach in Salema Portugal.

View down a street in Salema.

FIESA International Sand Sculpture Festival in Pera Portugal.

Even in Portugal they express their opinions about Trump.

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