Saturday, November 4, 2017

Astorga, Leon, and Picos de Europa

June 7th – 12th

The blogging stopped because I had trouble connecting to WiFi with my laptop. I had moments here and there, but they never lasted long enough to post to the blog. We are home now and I have bought a new laptop. The old one had more issues then connecting to the internet, so I am going to try to catch up on our trip in a series of posts. We saw a lot, so hopefully my captions will be accurate.

From Portugal we traveled through Northern Spain. Everywhere you go, people are hiking the Camino de Santiago also known as The Way of St James. It is a pilgrimage route that ends in Galice, Spain at the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great. The route from Leon to Galice is flat, traveling through towns with large and very ornate cathedrals built for the pilgrims. 

We also visited Picos de Europa National Park. The mountain scenery was fabulous. One of my best memories is at Lake Ercina in the evening with more than 100 cow bells ringing as the cows were grazing. 

Leon Cathedral

Cathedral of Astorga Spain

Bishop's Palace

Inside the Bishop's Palace

Young storks waiting for lunch.

On the road to Picos de Europa. The mountain scenery was a welcome sight from the flats around Leon.

 Picos de Europa National Park


  Trail through an old mining area.

Lake Ercina - Cows wearing bells were everywhere.

The goats are amazing how they are able to walk on the vertical rock slopes.

Trail in the Poncebos area of the park.

Goats people watching.

Another trail in the Poncebos area of the park.

Fuente De tram. If you look closely, you can see it going up into the clouds. We lucked out here. It had been raining hard all night. We didn't think we would ride the tram because the forecast was for continued rain, but the weather changed and very few people were there.

View at the top of the tram.

We took a hike from the top of the tram. The surrounding mountain views were beautiful. All rock and meadows full of wild flowers.

Looking down at the parking lot from the top of the tram. The Sprinter looks pretty small, but you can see it.

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