Thursday, November 9, 2017


June 29th - July 1st, 2017

From Croatia we went to Serbia. Serbian countryside is laid back, friendly, and beautiful. The roads are good and easy to navigate. That being said, the only place we have felt it was best not to tell people we were from the USA was in Belgrade. The people were friendly, but the anti-american protest banners made us uncomfortable.

We lucked out and found a really nice campground near Novi Sad. Because Serbia is not a popular tourist destination for people traveling in camper vans, campgrounds are infrequent and wild camping is not encouraged. The campground was next the nature reserve Zasavica.

 Buildings at Zasavica.

 View from the observation tower at Zasavica.

This little bird was very happy to pose, showing off her lunch. We had lunch also, but ours was much better, a traditional Serbian stew with homemade bread.

Bill made friends with a Balkan donkey.

Novi Sad - Located on the Danube River with all the interesting sites within easy walking distance.

Stairs up through the wall to Petrovaradin Fortress. 

View of downtown Novi Sad from Petrovaradin Fortress.

Shop sign.

The Roman Catholic Parish Church of the Name of Mary. 

Bishop's Palace


 National Assembly

City Assembly

Pedestrian shopping area

Sidewalk cafes

Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) a city full of communist architecture.

Ada Bridge

Statue in Belgrade Fortress

Graffiti is everywhere in Belgrade.

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