Wednesday, November 8, 2017

France, Italy, Croatia

June 13th - June 28th, 2017

From Spain we drove quickly through France and Italy. We needed to spend time out of the EU, so we decided to go to Croatia.

 The Tour de France in the Pyrenees - A sculpture located in a rest area along the motorway in France.

 We traveled trough many small towns in France as we headed toward Mont Blanc.

The tunnel under Mont Blanc. It is more then 7 miles long, connecting France and Italy.

Looking at the summit of Mont Blanc from the Italian side. It was a perfect day for the para-gliders, they are the little dots in the sky.

Glacier on Mont Blanc.

Bridge to the Island of Krk, Croatia.

The coast of Croatia is way to hot, crowded, and overpriced during high season, so we decided to leave and head east. Eastern Croatia is beautiful, laid back, and pretty much tourist free. We enjoyed it a lot. The first city we visited was Varazdin, located in the northern part of the country on the Drava River.

 Streets in Varazdin.

Schloss Varazdin, a castle in Varazdin.

Picturesque door.

Crinoline of Love - A sculpture for love locks. You are suppose to attach your lock and then toss the key into the town well.

Osijek is a college town in the south eastern Croatia. Osijek was a frontline city in the Croat-Serb conflict in the 1990's. There is still a lot of damage to structures in the area.

Pedestrian bridge over the Drava River.

Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Sculpture of Picasso in Osijek.

Flowers for sale in the covered market.

 You still see bullet and shelling damage to the structures around the city.

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