Monday, May 2, 2016


Antwerp and Blankenberge,  Belgium

Antwerp has a Grote Martk that looks very similar to Brugge, rows of really neat old buildings and a nearby church.

We visited the MAS museum.


The museum had great views of the whole city. To bad it was a rainy day because the views should have been fabulous.

The exhibits were really interesting.

We came across a large farmers market. Everything looked good. Sure hope we find a lot of these when we are in the Sprinter. I love buying fresh local food rather then shopping in a grocery store.

Bicycles are everywhere. You have to watch to be sure you don't walk in the bike lanes on the sidewalks.

There are lots of bikes to rent on the street also.

We came across a vintage car rally. The cars were registering for the rally that started in a few days and ended in Italy.

Every since we saw locks of love in Cinque Terre, we seem to see them everywhere. Here is Antwerp's version.

Blankenberge was a surprise to us. This is a popular seaside town with a great beach.

The beach front walkway is lined with high rises and sidewalk cafes on one side and concessions on the beach.

Areas for laying in the sun with your beverage of choice

or areas for the whole family to enjoy themselves.

There were tons of individual cabanas too. Looked pretty good, no lugging all your chairs, toys, etc every time you go to the beach.

We took a long walk from Blankenberge to Zeebrugge to see where we need to be to pick up the Sprinter tomorrow. The van was offloaded yesterday from one of these ships. Can't wait to get on the road.


  1. How come your not in the photos posted to the blog?

  2. How come your not in the photos posted to the blog?


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