Monday, May 23, 2016


Dubrovnik - Our last beautiful city on the Croatian coast.

You enter the city via this wonderful bridge.

Finding parking for the Sprinter can be challenging. Sometimes you just have to squeeze in where ever you find a spot.

We arrived on a Sunday. The city was crowded with tourists. The weather was damp and gray. This is the main pedestrian street in old town.
Street musicians. The music was good. To bad they only sell cd's. We have no way of playing them.

The next day, Monday, we did the wall walk in the afternoon. We had a sunny day and about half as many people. Views of the wall and old town Dubrovnik.

Time out for a refreshing smoothie break with a fabulous view.

Old town harbor.

Another view from the wall.

Good bye Dubrovnik. We are on our way to Montenegro.

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