Sunday, May 22, 2016


Split and Makarska Croatia

Split  -  Split is a large city. It had a very different vibe then the towns we had previously visited. It was a very busy place and not near as scenic. The old town did have one difference - it had very old Roman ruins.

View of the harbor.

Split has wide sidewalk area of cafes and shops between the harbor and old town. The perfect spot to sit and have gelato.

Photos of old town

Girls in traditional dress. They sang in a tower in old town. The acoustics were fabulous.
Inside the tower where the girls sang.

View from and of Hwy E65, the road we drove along the coast.

View of the harbor.

Sidewalk along the harbor.

Sculpture called Monument to the Tourist.

More love locks. They are everywhere in Croatia.

Main square in old town Makarska.

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