Monday, May 9, 2016

Belgium to Croatia

Belgium to Croatia

The sprinter just released from the docks. Bill is inside the office collecting the key. The shipping process was very smooth. The only problem we had was the shipping company adding New York to their itinerary so it took longer for the sprinter to arrive in Zeebrugge.

Second night on the road we stopped in Dudelange Luxembourg. We had dinner in a Chinese Restaurant where they only spoke french. We were not sure what we ordered, but what we got was very good.

Sulzemoos, Germany - a free camping spot at a RV dealership. We were one of about 50 other RV's.

Driving the autobahn. We were going 75+ and cars were passing us like we were standing still.

Driving very fast through Austria.

Rovinj, Croatia

We camped at Camp Vestar near Rovinj. It was a large campground, but early in the season. There were very few other vehicles.

Our spot

The view.

The town of Rovinj. We were here in the autumn of 2007 and loved it. The town has not changed much. It is still a great place. This time of year there are cruise ships. There are a lot more tourists.The classic view of Rovinj.

 There are cats everywhere.

 No cars are allowed in old town. The streets are narrow and go in every direction.

All the streets are paved with very old marble cobble stones.

The harbor

 Our dinner. Fresh caught tuna and strawberries from the market in Rovinj. Nothing better then fresh fish.

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