Thursday, May 19, 2016


Middle coast of Croatia and Slunj

 Driving down the coast from Rovinj it is one scenic town after another. The roads are narrow and twist every which way, but the views are fantastic. This is Senj. We spent the night just outside of town.

The ferry to the island of Rab.

The town of Rab on the island of Rab is like most towns we visited. They all have an old town, some walled, some not, with narrow streets for pedestrians only. The old towns are filled with tourist shops and restaurants. They are usually on the water so there is a harbor and lots of old buildings.

Harbor in Rab

View of the harbor from the wall around the town.

Street scenes in Rab

Outside the harbor.

Bill smiling.

From Rab we went to Plitvicka. The weather had turned to rain so what we wanted to see was closed due to flooding. We took a short walk in the woods instead. That night we met my quilting buddy Sandy and her husband Dan for dinner. We had a great time. Dan suggested we visit Slunj on our way back to the coast. Since it was raining the next morning we decided to do just that. It was a great alternative to Plitvicka. It is very close to the park, but water flows everywhere in the town instead of lakes.

Slunj - water flowing under the house

Water flowing around the houses

There are large water falls everywhere.

I have never saw this before, a fresh milk vending machine.

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