Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Post 1 - April 28th - May 2nd

Nakskov, Denmark near Lango

Peter Hansen's Have - A very large private garden.

Spring flowers were everywhere.

The small lakes and ponds had thousands of green frogs around them. When you got near they jumped into the water.

There were dikes along the coast. They made really good walking paths.

Ega Marina near Aarhus. We spent most nights camped in marinas. They have all the facilities and great views.

Aero Island, Denmark

The town square in Aeroskobing.

Aeroskobing was full of colorful old houses.

Everywhere we went in Denmark there were community gardens. This patch was devoted to relaxing instead of growing vegetable. Looked good to me!

Church and cemetery in Soby. Cemeteries in Denmark look like a park with formal gardens.

Beach cabins near Marstal.

Drying fishing nets in Marstal.

Small wooden fishing boat in Marstal marina.  We camped there for the night.

Pasture on Aero Island.

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