Saturday, June 16, 2018

Norway - post 1


May 12-17, 2018


We spent a couple of hours walking around town and enjoyed it a lot. We visited on a quiet Sunday morning in May so the town was not invaded by tourists. We have been to Lillehammer before in early August, we couldn't find a parking spot in the downtown area. This time it was much better.

 Lillehammer kirke 

 Lillehammer Art Museum

 Nordic Skier

 Yarn store window. Love the colors.

Nice outdoor seating.

We left Lillehammer heading northwest, driving on very scenic rural highways.

 Etna River along Hwy 33. The rivers were all raging and most of the farm lands were flooded. We were told that it was a very unusual spring, very warm weather causing a very fast snow melt.

  Hegge Stave Church - A wooden church from the 13th century.

Our camping spot for the night near Rogne on Sagahaugfjorden. Just out of sight the rest of the lake was still covered in ice.

Views of Jotunheimen National Park from Hwy 51.

 Driving Hwy E136 toward Andalsnes. The highway is in the very narrow Rauma River valley and is beautiful. Everything was so green.

There were waterfalls everywhere.

Norwegians love their trolls.


A port town on the west coast of Norway.

 View of Alesund from Mount Aksla. 

 Views of the harbor.

 Sculpture in the harbor.


 Wall art.

 Alesund Church

 Norwegian Constitution Day celebration in Alesund.

The crowds watching the parade. Everyone looked so nice in their traditional folk costumes.

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