Sunday, June 17, 2018

Norway - post 2

May 17 - 22, 2018

Norway has National Tourist Routes. These are beautiful drives through fantastic countryside. In addition they have amazing viewpoints and car parks.

The Atlantic Road 

The route is 36 km long along the west coast. Eight bridges connect small islands for a beautiful drive.

The islands are rugged.

The car park has a great walk with good views.

This is the highest bridge.

 Roadside views on the way to the next National Tourist Route. Even the regular highways have fabulous views. Drive from the Atlantic Road to Andalsnes.

Trollstigen National Tourist Route

 View of the pass.

 The visitors center.

 Path heading out to the viewpoint.

 Looking down at the road from the viewpoint.

Heading down the other side. Still a lot of snow at the top. The road had just opened the week before we drove through.


 View of the fjord from a car park on Highway 60.

Gaularfjellet National Tourist Route

 Rest stops along the route.

 Likholefossen car park

 Views along the route.

 Looking down on the road from Utsikten viewpoint.

 Utsikten viewpoint

 Great views. Norwegians love to have viewing platforms projecting out with nothing below for hundreds of meters. 


Steinsdalsfossen on the Fosselva River on Steinsdalsvegen (Hwy 7) near Norheimsund. Another really good car park. There is a trail you hike up and goes behind the waterfall.

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