Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Netherlands - post 1

June 3rd & 4th, 2018


View of a canal.

Central Station

Eye Film Museum and A'dam Lookout

Yarn bombed sculpture on the Ij River.


Stedelijk Museum - This is the museum we choose to visited in Amsterdam. 

Paintings in the Stedelijk Museum

One of the special exhibits was by Studio Drift. It was excellent!

Three of the light exhibits by Studio Drift.

Drifter - a hovering concrete block. We could not figure out how it was floating in the air, but it was. The huge block was moving around the room with no visible support.

NDSM Werf - An old shipyard that is now a creative hot spot.
A Studio city is inside the old shipyard building.

They had a body painting exhibit while we were there. The artists were very talented.

 Street art in NDSM Werf.

Portrait of Ann Frank

Portrait of Van der Lann, the Mayor of Amsterdam.

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