Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Netherlands - post 2

June 3 - 7, 2018


Marken is a quaint village northeast of Amsterdam.

 Marken harbour

 The characteristic green houses of Marken.


 More houses in Marken.

 Gerber daisies

 Bill trying out a pair of wooden shoes. I guess he needs a smaller size.

Wooden tulips for sale.

A pair of horses.


A scenic town surrounded by canals.

 Nieuwe Kerk and the main square

 Stores on the main square

 Cobalt blue glass heart sculpture

 One of the canals

 Not much space for a front garden, but they did a really nice job.

Chickens for sale

Wooden shoes for sale

 This is the most ornate toilet signs we have ever seen.

 Nice planter


The town is south of  Amsterdam and known for Gouda cheese.

 The Gouda cheese museum on Markt Square

 They have a weekly cheese market for the tourists. The farmers negotiate with the cheese buyers. When they agree on a price, they slap hands.

 Gouda cheese for sale in the market.

 Very narrow houses

 House getting a fresh coat of paint on the trim.

 This was a really good laundromat. It was located at the local car wash. We washed several loads of clothes.

Bill's favorite sign

This is the last post for this trip. We are flying home tomorrow. It was a good trip!

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