Wednesday, June 29, 2016



We really enjoyed Lithuania. For such a small country it is amazing all the interesting places we visited. This post is about Vilnius, the capital city.

View of Snipiskes Neighborhood.

View of Old Town.

Hot air balloons over Old Town.

There are beautiful tree lined shopping streets.

Gediminas Tower

Vilnius Cathedral

The ceiling of the entrance to Vilnius Cathedral.

Gates of Dawn

View in Old Town

Interesting doorway

Interesting building

New use for an old church tower - at the top tier you can see it is now a cell tower.

We took another free walking tour - our guide is telling us about St Anna's Church.

The Republic of Uzupio neighborhood. The sign says you must be smiling when you enter. The speed limit is 20 kph. You must love art.  Don't drive into the river.

The symbol for Uzupio

Street art in Uzupio. It is everywhere you look.

Stebuklas Tile - Marks one end of the continuous chain of people stretching across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in protest against Soviet Occupation in 1989.

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