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I feel we barely touched the places to see in Romania. It is on the list of places to visit next year. We need to do a lot of research to know what we want to see and how best to get there. We have driven roads in the poorest condition of the trip. Not sure how the van survived in one piece. We do not want to repeat those roads.

Our first night in Romania was our last night on the Black Sea. This was our view from our campsite in Mamaia.

Our next stop was Bucharest. We found a campsite in the city, but it felt like we were in the woods.

The Mercedes Benz dealership. This is where we spent 2 days having the check engine light fixed. First day to diagnose the problem and the second day to get the part and install it. Since we have been in Europe the check engine light has been a problem. We had it fixed in Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Sofia, and now in Bucharest. Hopefully this time it is fixed. They replaced a part instead of just clearing the computer error code.

Two days of driving into the center of Bucharest was two days too much. This is our sightseeing. Driving is insane, they do not follow any rules. When the van was fixed we got out of town.

We found a nice quiet campground in the middle of nowhere. The countryside was beautiful.

We wanted to drive the Transfagarasan Highway in the Carpathian Mountains. Unfortunately the road was blocked by snow a few kilometers from the summit.

But the road and the views were fabulous.

Even the km markers were scenic.

Yes, that is our road - it was a real cliffhanger.

You drive over the Vidraru Dam.

Views of rural Romania

Even in the country you encounter traffic jams.

Haystacks are everywhere.

Electric poles are made of what ever is handy.

 View from our free overnight parking spot.


The center of town is full of beautiful old buildings.

Parohia Evanghelica Church

We climbed the church tower. You keep climbing up and up.

From the four turrets on the tower the view is wonderful.

We had lunch here. Romanian Goulash with polenta. Yum!

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